Thursday, January 21, 2010

GUEST LIST: Franz Nicolay!

Franz Nicolay is a master of mustaches. Seriously, his facial hair is truly epic. That could be the only thing he accomplishes in his career and I'd still consider him a pretty remarkable person.

But thankfully this isn't all Franz is known for. He's known for his accordion and piano playing in the World/Inferno Friendship Society and his awesome keyboards in The Hold Steady (Sadly, just after posting this Franz announced he is parting ways with the band. I'm sure they will miss him!) He's also a member of New York gypsy-punk band Guignol. More importantly he released his first solo LP in 2009, Major General. Franz is also releasing a short story collection titled Complicated Gardening Techniques in February.

I recently asked Franz to be our first GUEST LIST contributor. He went above and beyond provided us with this delightful mix.

AMERICAN WHEEZE: 30 + 1 Great Accordion Tracks

1. "I Can Look Down At Your Woman" - Clifton Chenier
2. "Moon Over Marin" - Duckmandu
3. "In Heaven There Is No Beer" - Frank Yankovic w/ Eddie Blazonczyk
4. "Polka Dots And Laser Beams" - Guy Klucevsek
5. "Hutsulka starovitska" - Pankiv
6. "Forro Praieiro - improviso" - Sivuca
7. "American Wheeze" - 16 Horsepower
8. "Pepee(valse)" - Tony Murena - P. Fontaine
9. "Milonga del Angel" - Astor Piazzolla
10. "Forro Praieiro - improviso" - Sivuca
11. "Paraiba" - Luiz Gonzaga
12. "Lollipop" - Corn Mo
13. "Tarantella Di Montemarano" - Mario Salvi
14. "The Beauty Of Sorrow (Excerpt)" - Pauline Oliveros
15. "Cuando Mi Muera" - Siano Arias
16. "Yahliw (You Little Beauty) (Excerpt)" - Hassam Ramzy
17. "Huanle De Miaojia" - Yang Zhangping & Wan Jingui
18. "Vesoul" - Jacques Brel
19. "Varnenski Tantz (Dance From Varna)" - Ibro Lolov
20. "Tziganska Ballada (Romanian Gypsy)" - Ivo Papasov
21. "Eighty Punks and an Old P.A." - Mutiny
22. "Hartman Pick Up Your Accordion And Play" - New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
23. "We Close Our Eyes" - Oingo Boingo
24. "Rustem" - Taraf de Haïdouks
25. "Sally MacLennane" - The Pogues
26. "Send In The Clowns" - The Tiger Lillies
27. "The Longest Night" - Tin Hat Trio
28. "Cold Cold Ground" - Tom Waits
29. "Bwamba's Rambles" - Zydepunks
30. "Asa Branca" - Dominguinhos, Sivuca & Oswaldinho
31. "Amsterdam" - Scott Walker
Buy Major General
More about Complicated Gardening Techniques
Buy Guignol & Mischief Brew' Get Dirty
Buy Franz's >St. Sebastian of the Short Stage 10" EP

-Brett Albers

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